I Hate Housework

Um, I only have one right now.  But I swear when I figure out other ones, I’ll post them here.

Our bathroom is a wet room, meaning water sealed from edge to edge.  We have a bidet hooked up to our bathroom sink, next to the toilet, which gets scalding hot water.  So, I just put everything on the counters away, and spray the counters/sink/toilet with cleaning spray foam stuff, put toilet cleaner into the bowl, and come back in 15 minutes.  I swish the toilet with the brush, and use the scalding hot water from the bidet spray to spray the rest of the room.  I use a towel to dry up everything, or maybe two if the floor gets very wet and needs a lot of mopping up to be not slippery after.  Then I throw the towel into the washing machine!

The effort is under five minutes, the total time under 20, and the bathroom looks amazing after.  Every couple months I use a cloth and glass cleaner to clean the toothpaste specs off the mirror.  To get out downstairs bathroom clean, I just announce to my partner that I’ve cleaned the main bathroom and it would be lovely if the other bathroom would be clean, too.  That usually gets the point across.  🙂

I wish I had a quick solution for the kitchen.  And the rest of the house for that matter.


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