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Metallic spray painting continues!

No leather is safe around here.

Well, it is now since my spray paint is all gone.  But here is Day 2 of my new DIY hobby!

I painted the soles of the coach heeled oxfords red, and I added contrasting metal hardware to the timberland sandals, both with my little pots of metal&wood paint.


I also took a bag that I found a bit dull because of the aged brass hardware, and painted the hardware metallic gold:


I also got gold and silver paint made for rubber, and my 8 year old wanted to do my crocs so I said sure.  He got bored halfway through:


And I took that bag that only got barely started yesterday and finished it with alternating layers of gold and silver metallic paint:


I did two more coats after these pics, so here it is:


2013-08-29 19.17.06 2013-08-29 19.16.46

Here’s the ruined grass my fiance isn’t happy about, from yesterday’s work:



Finished up my crocs, all gold with silver tips:

2013-08-29 19.12.25 2013-08-29 19.14.01


Then I found a bunch of leather belts to bling up:


2013-08-29 17.13.55


And managed to do three:

2013-08-29 19.17.162013-08-29 19.17.34 2013-08-29 19.18.40


The braided one (I added metallics to the tassles) didn’t turn out so great, but the other two did!

painting couture is so much fun!!!!!!!


Who knew upcycling leather goods was so fun????

Not I.  But oh, I had fun this afternoon.

I bought acetone and sandpaper to prep my old shoes and bags so the leather spray paint and leather paint would stick, and a bunch of metallics (and white/vanilla).


ImageThen, I wiped down the stuff with an acetone soaked rag, scrubbed with the fine sandpaper, then started spraying!

Here are the shoes:


And here are two of the three bags:



They were plain white python and natural print python before, now they have gold and silver shimmer.

The ugly brown bag didn’t get done as I ran out of vanilla spray paint!

I was so amazed that BLACK shoes could be made pale metallic, none of the original color showing through.  Denim blue shoes were made WHITE with no trouble (several coats of course, but I did several coats on all), but then I decided to spray some gold and silver on in the end, so they aren’t white anymore.

This was so fun I think I’m going to look at thrift stores in a WHOLE NEW LIGHT, and start picking up cool pieces that I think would look amazing with a metallic sheen.  Of course non-metallics could be okay, too, but I am so into the blingy fun of metallic gold, silver, and white gold (mix)!  I certainly have a ton of leather shoes/bags in my collection that NEVER get worn (ok, well I did most of them today but there is still another half dozen items at least) that I could breathe new life into.  I wonder if I should sell these on etsy?  It’s so fun!  I could do this all the time!