Sinfully Easy Recipes

Making Indian Paneer (cheese) is actually really easy!

From all my masala sauce I made, I wanted to make indian food tomorrow, for guests who came today to stay a couple of days.  However, they are not meat eaters, so doing the regular chicken thing just ain’t an option.  So, I thought….. Masala + paneer!  I love indian homemade cheese, it’s delicious.  You only need milk, lemon, and cheesecloth.

First, you get four liters of whole milk.  And those little squirty lemon juice plastic thingys.  You put the milk in a pot and boil until it gets all frothy and starts to want to overflow the pot.  Here’s a pic from about 5 minutes before it wanted to overflow.Image

Then, you squirt two small ‘lemons’ full of lemon juice concentrate into the mixture and watch the curds and whey separate!  Here I’ve prepared a colander lined with cheesecloth (well, a flatfold diaper but whatever).Image

I strained the mixture through the cloth and then gathered it up into a ball to hang to drain further for some hours.Image

Finally, you remove the hardened ball from the cloth and put it in plastic and refrigerate overnight.Image

Tomorrow, I’ll slice it up into cubes and fry until golden, and add to the masala sauce warmed up.  YUM!


Chicken Tikka Masala – 20 minutes of effort


This is my own original sauce recipe. First time trying it in the slow cooker! I did a double batch recipe, compared to the amount of chicken and what we really need to feed four people (+ seconds).
What we did was, right after breakfast, we threw 5 large onions in the food processor and started frying them in olive oil. Ginger (3 thumbs worth) and garlic (7 heads) then were peeled, processed, and added to the browned onion mush, adding spices:
tsp cayenne pepper
2 tsp paprika
Tsp pepper
4 tsp salt
8 tsp garam masala
2 tsp cumin
2 tsp coriander
2 tsp turmeric

Then I processed (smooth) 8 large tomatoes & opened up 3 containers of crushed tomatoes (approx 1 liter), & put two pounds of chicken filets in the slow cooker and put it on high. I added all the tomatoes to the chicken in the pot, then the onion/garlic/ginger/spice mush, and stirred lightly/shallow, whilst leaving the chicken undisturbed at the bottom. It was totally full.
I left it on high for three hours and put it on low for another five hours.
Then I added almost a cup of heavy cream, stirred a bit, still leaving most of the chicken at the bottom. I then took out some glass jars and filled them up with half the sauce, to be refrigerated for a couple weeks.
What was left, I stirred up thoroughly with the chicken, and served at the table with brown rice and greek yogurt.
Now we can enjoy the meal tonight and for lunch tomorrow, and at least one more time in the coming couple of weeks, maybe two, if we have a less sauce-to-chicken ratio.  Lots of results for just twenty minutes of hassle in the kitchen after breakfast throwing it all together.

Easy Lasagne in the Crock Pot! Yay! And *I* didn’t make it!!!!!



I found this thread:  and I went crazy printing out easy recipes.  First one to try?  Easy lasagne!  We used store bought sauce, and created several layers with uncooked pasta, alternating with sauce, ricotta, mozzarella, cottage cheese, and finally parmesean cheese on top.  We cooked on high for 4 hours and it got a tad burnt on one edge but no biggie.

Yay for dinner that mom didn’t make!  At 31 weeks pregnant, I am thrilled to take it easy, cook my 4 pound wonder, and let the dudes in my life wait on me hand and foot.

Bananas on the grill….


….filled with dark chocolate. Yum!!! I can’t wait to eat them once the chocolate has melted!

Here we go, yum yum yum!

2013-07-07 18.44.38