I feel like a hero…

…because I listed twenty auctions online today. It took me an hour of scrounging around the closets of this house to drum up unused, unneeded clothes and other miscellaneous items, an hour to photo them all nicely, and another hour to list them individually.  Man, I’m doing my part to keep the local secondary market thriving!
Secretly, besides getting money the real fun is then watching my auctions a few times a day to see who has bid. It’s more fun than it sounds. Or my idea of fun is more skewed than I realized.

Oh, and I have to actually “go to work” tomorrow morning, that’s so rare that it sounds heroic to me. I go to a recording booth and impersonate a cartoon panda who wants kids to learn to read. Yup, it takes truly a rare gift of voice acting prowess to pull off a feat like that…..I’m a star.