Exercising with a Baby

P90X3 Block 3 begins….

Pics are from beginning, after Block 1, and now after Block 2.  Let’s hope Block 3 is much more effective than Block 2 was!!!


P1010795kuva 1kuva 1

P1010796kuva 2kuva 2

P1010797kuva 3kuva 3


P90x3 week 8 – progress pics

Pics are from Day 8, 28, 40, and 50 from the front (maybe there is a tiny bit of improvement happening?):

P1010795kuva 1kuva 1kuva 2

from the side (how is my tummy looking bigger than ever?):

P1010796kuva 2kuva 2kuva 1

And from behind (quite blurry so hard to tell if the latest photo shows anything but my guess is no):

P1010797kuva 3kuva 3kuva 3

However, my chest and thigh measurements have gone down an inch in the last ten days.  I’m not sure whether to believe that or imagine that maybe I measured in the wrong spot.   I really need some motivation to complete the last 40 days of this 90 day regimine, after the progress has slowed down so intensely this second block.  It’s such a let down after the first block improvement was so clear.   I think block 2 in the lean program just does not have enough cardio.  I’m thinking to supplement extra cardio for some calorie burn, but on the other hand, more exercise will make my hunger more ravenous than it ALREADY is (breastfeeding + daily exercise), so I’m not sure about that actually having net results.  But my wedding is 2.5 months away exactly and I need things to start happening!!  If for nothing else, to decrease the face puffiness for my wedding photos (a tiny waistline or lithe arms is not important to me, I am sewing my own dress so I can wear a corsett and sew a flattering cut dress), because there is no way I can hide puffy cheeks and jowls in my wedding photos.

P90x3 Week 6

Comparisons from Day 8, Day 28, and Day 40:

P1010795kuva 1kuva 1

P1010796kuva 2kuva 2

P1010797kuva 3kuva 3



The different clothes throws things off in terms of a clear comparison, I think.  Meaning, I don’t think my spare tire has gotten actually WORSE these last twelve days, although in the front shot it looks worse.  I think the tighter elastic waistband on the briefs I was wearing and higher cut leg just makes it look like a worse muffin top than the shorts did + chunkier thighs.  I don’t think I’ve gone backwards in terms of my shape!  Hope not!  ….But the measurements anyway show zero improvement in the last two weeks, unfortunately, at least not a perceptible difference in circumferences (to be honest I only checked the waistline at the natural waist and where my pants sit, and nothing shrunk and I despaired and threw down the measuring tape and gave up on the rest).  I really needed to do a picture comparison to believe that results have still been happening these last couple of weeks.  I don’t see much improvement, maybe the profile shot shows flatter stomach, more abs.

Sigh.  Need to really start cutting out all eating after 5pm and see if that can kickstart a perceptible difference in weight loss.  I have been trying to only eat fruit + yogurt/cottage cheese (+ maybe nuts) if I get hungry at night, but perhaps even that is sabotaging my results.  Strict water/juice/tea only evening regimen after a proper 5pm dinner might be the only way to really see any results.  I can’t really do much more than that in terms of diet, I have already switched to only clean and whole foods, tons of produce, salmon, whole grains I already ate….lots of nuts and cottage cheese and seeds….  there’s not  much more room for improvement in my diet, and all this exercise + breastfeeding makes me HUNGRY so going without would just lead to me turning into a mass of bitchiness on the floor and no one could live with me.  It would jeopardise my milk supply too!  Not happening.  Plus I don’t want to totally ruin my relationship with food and become obsessed bordering on an eating disorder by really focusing in on it more than I already am (in terms of great nutritious foods being readily available in my kitchen and nothing else).  That’s such a slippery slope for women who are struggling with body image issues.

Even though I know that the weight would fall off if I weaned, I am NOT going to do that.  I am committed to letting baby girl self-wean.  I think it must be possible for me to lose the pregnancy weight in a healthy way and continue to breastfeed.  There is still an additional 15 pounds of weight left on my body after I lose the pregnancy weight that my body can rely on in terms of ’emergency reserves’ while lactating, so losing the pregnancy weight doesn’t mean losing every ounce of body fat, which would be crazy to aim for while nursing.

Let’s see if I can manage to skip evening eating these next couple weeks, perhaps going to bed when baby does is the only way!  Staying up late makes it next to impossible, so 9pm bedtime for me…?  Boring but hey I can stay up late when all my old jeans fit without crazy muffin top.

Weight loss plateau in weeks 5 and 6….

Wow, weeks 2-4 were really good for improvement and now halfway through week 6 , my progress seems to have halted.  

Did my body adjust to daily workouts?  I think I may have gained one of my 3 pounds lost back.  😦  DIRTY DARN!!!!!!  This is not turning out to be as simple of a burn-off-the-last-of-the-pregnancy-pounds-and-look-great-in-my-wedding-dress plan as I thought.

Block 1 done! P90X3 is truly addictive!

Here’s how I looked at the beginning of week 2, and today, 20 days later, at the end of block 1:






I haven’t lost much, 3 and a half pounds maybe, but I feel like my clothes are fitting better.  I love that my fiance, Metalman, and I are doing it together, he feels more firm and muscly everywhere when I snuggle him, which is sexy!  Mostly I love that I can always squeeze in 30 minutes a day, even with the baby right there next to me doing her own little moves on her play mat, and I know that whenever I start it, the minutes fly by and I get to the end of the thirty before I know it and I feel SO good and SO proud after.  The rest of the day my body is so much more pleasant to live in, and mentally and emotionally I’m high as a kite from all the endorphins.  It’s really such a good thing, I start to wonder why on earth I wasn’t squeezing short power exercises into each day before????  Well I am now, and I can’t imagine ever going back!


Week 3 -P90X3



I still got that postpartum bloat and love handles thing going, but I’ve only been at it two weeks and lost 2 pounds. I would have loved to see twice the improvement but hey, it’s faster improvement than I was previously seeing just going twice a week to the gym.
And I love the sore feeling every day &endorphin rush after!

Six months postpartum & ready to shed the last of the pregnancy weight – P90x3 ?!

I’m starting a 90 day challenge to get fit and burn off the last of my pregnancy weight (I gained 50, still have 15 to go) better known as P90x3.  I am SO not the type of person to do at home workout videos, the only ones I’ve ever done at home was Les Mils Bodypumps and that’s only because I got used to them at the gym so it felt the same as the classes I was used to attending at the gym, only in my living room with a few pieces of equipment.  I had seven or eight different editions of bodypump to circulate through so I didn’t get bored, and I did it maybe twice a week from home at the most, an hour each workout.  But nothing since I got pregnant and noticed the bodypump workouts triggered a bleed in week 13, which was March ’13.  I was forbidden to exercise and was not really supposed to do exercise until my postpartum checkup in early December.  That’s a long time to be told to put your feet up and take it easy and I gained a LOT of weight.  The first 25 pounds came off immediately, the next ten have come off SLOOOOOWLY these last 5 months, and I am DONE with the final 15, I want to sew my wedding dress for my wedding coming in July, and I have four months to get in the shape I want to see myself in for the rest of my life in my wedding pictures.  I’d even like to lose more than the pregnancy weight, as I gained a good 15 pounds after settling down into happy domestic life (compared with the tip-top slim/svelte shape I was in while single and dating and going out in all my cutest outfits and hyper conscious about how they were fitting, week to week).  But for now, let’s just focus on the pregnancy weight.  If I do it through clean eating and intensive exercise, it will look very good, and I don’t need to get super skinny.

Here’s me bravely posting my ‘BEFORE’ pictures, before getting into the 90 days of daily exercises that is P90x3!  This “only 30 minutes” thing is exactly why I am trying it.  I could never do more than that with a baby by my side all the time needing tending to.  (Disclosure, I am not affiliated with Beachbody or the P90x series in any way, I might not have even paid for the DVDs and instead done the naughty thing to get my copies onto my hard drive)…..


IMG_0571 IMG_0572

You can see my spare tire I am DESPERATE to be rid of before I fit myself for a wedding dress.

Here’s me after one week:

P1010797 P1010795 P1010796

Since I actually am now in week 2 of the challenge so I can post a review about how it feels and how I like 7 of the 16 workouts.

I’m doing the ‘LEAN calendar’ which is geared to weight loss and more cardio, less muscle mass building.

Monday’s workout is called “The Accelerator” and it’s basically a fast paced cardio workout, every move having a ‘regular’ speed and a ‘hyper speed’ and each move lasts one minute and there’s about half a minute break after while he explains the next move and you get into position.  No equipment needed but yourself, a small towel and your water.  You’re supposed to wear supportive cross training shoes with a stable base, like basketball shoes, but I had none so I used my handiest sneakers.  I understand why he advises so strongly about the shoes!  I picked up some Pumas at the second hand store that seemed never used that have a much more wide and stable base and now I’m happier.  The Accelerator is fun, fast, and the thirty minutes goes by quickly.  The Donkey Kicks at the end, however, KICK MY MOTHER FLIPPING BUTT.

Tuesday’s  workout is “The Warrior”, developed for the armed servicemen and women who needed a routine they could do anywhere, even in cramped conditions with no equipment.  It’s more cardio, no equipment needed, but there are lots of planks and sprawls and sphinx position moves, push ups and explosive (i.e. painful) plyometric movements.  It’s intense but it’s fun.  I like it a lot.

Wednesday is Yoga x which I find pretty easy since I’ve done most of the moves before.  I’m not a pro, however, and can not rock every single move and it certainly hurts when holding the crescent position for long stretches and my various warriors are wobbly.  But it’s much less sweaty and exhaustive than the first two. Feels EXCELLENT after.

Thursday is CVX, which is cardio with a hand weight in your hand.  This is awesome, or at least I think I like it because I can actually do all of the moves until the end, those spiderman twists are impossible for me to do a 360 degree version.  It’s exhaustive and feels so effective.  Surprising that in this, Warrior, and Accelerator there are moves I’ve never done before in fifteen years of various workout classes.

Fridays are Isometrix and the first time I did this I was miserable, couldn’t do any of the plank position movements (holding up one hand and one leg  while in plank) and I couldn’t do much else, either.  But actually on only the second time, I already noticed a pretty big improvement and I’m starting to warm up to it.  The moves are the hard parts of yoga, but held for 45 seconds a piece.  Whew, it’s really painful.

Saturdays are Agility X and I cannot do this.  I just can’t.  I have to modify everything, it’s crazy plyometric (explosions!) moves that I just don’t have the strength or stamina to do.  I cannot jump very high with my knees up to the chest, I’m just not that person.  Hopefully I will start to see improvements.

Sundays are the rest day, or Dynamix if you choose, which is supposed to be a nice, easy workout but I found it almost as tough as Isometrix!  Let’s hope I get better with my balance and my strength so I stop needing to modify the heck out of nearly every move.  I am a ball of weakness, but I’m trying.

I’ve already lost a pound and a half to two pounds, so I no longer have 15 pounds of pregnancy weight, I’m down to 13 or so, so that’s something!  I was losing weight sloooowly anyways with twice a week exercise classes at the gym, but this seems to be picking up the pace two or threefold, which is just what I need.  I also feel like my clothes are already starting to fit better after just ten days….  that’s cool!  Maybe I’ll get out of control top jeans at some point and wear regular jeans and not stress about muffin top!!!  The best part is that baby girl can keep her patience for the mere 30 minutes I need to get these short workouts done, while she’s on the floor next to me with her toys, wiggling around and turning from back to stomach and back to her back again.  It’s wonderful that these are so short or there’s no way in heck I’d ever get them done.

Stay tuned for week 3 photos in a few more days! praying there’s a perceptible difference….