Mom has a life

What’s cooler than a pregnant rock singer?


Well, nothing if you ask me. (That’s not me in the pic, that’s Mia singing at the 2009 Grammy’s, but these days I look just like that when I sing with my band, I swear).

I just spent a 17 hour recording day with my band, finishing up our demo CD + a CD our entry in to a national song competition.  The time in the car was about 5 of those hours, and about 12 hours of grueling work day in between.  It was really tough, mostly because I can’t sit and sing.  Actually I can’t sit and do anything lately.  There is just no room to sit like a normal person in a normal chair, I start feeling my tummy dig into my pelvic bone and feel a little she-person start to squirm and mash against my bladder and ribs and it just sucks.  So stand I did.  I stood and sing for hours upon hours until the finished products will hopefully sound WORLDS better than the two pre-demo tracks in the sidebar of this blog.  (Plus a third song which I haven’t even put up here, because there was no pre-demo version).

I have to admit, though, as exhausted as I was afterwards, I was impressed with myself for being able to sing for 10-12 hours without losing my voice, and for having a friggin’ hobby in general.  One I really enjoy and believe could develop into more than an idea.  I know, I know, there are zillions of other bands out there starting out and writing songs and hoping for attention and success, but I have some faith in our guitarist/songwriter that his creations are actually good enough to stand out.

Time will tell.  But it feels good that I have something cooking outside of my domestic role, which is literally growing by the day, as my girth expands.