What I’m going to miss about babies…

What gets me is the unabashed, unrestrained and un-self-conscious physical affection that goes on between mom and babe that I am sure is the highlight of my life and am loathe to let it go. Just the full face plant open mouth kisses and the expressions on our faces and both feeling so much more complete and content when pressed against each other in quiet sleepy moments or exhilaration with reciprocal tummy strawberries and intense clinging whole-body-flung hugs. I mean,…..sigh. I’ve never tried heroine but I can’t imagine any high being higher than when she flings herself at me and I hug her close and inhale her scent and she squees in delight and gets so excited and happy just to be face to face with me. Human beings are born ready to fall passionately in love from day 1 and the early years are meant to be a major love fest with mom and it is intense and addictive. There are tough moments for sure, but the good….oh I just don’t know why I’m alive unless it’s for this. I think it’s humbling to be a part of a mutual 100% trust pact. We lock eyes and our faces light up and she trusts completely that everything in her universe is pretty great if I’m there smiling at her and I trust that no matter how much time and energy and attention (& my dwindling youth) I invest towards her well being, I will never for an instant regret it or view it as time better spent some other way, in retrospect. How many other activities/projects can you devote this kind of Herculean effort and time towards and know that you’ll never one day wonder if you made the right decision? The project is long and intense, the years getting from pregnancy to non-little kid who isn’t just a little bundle of intense needs for you to fulfill, but the payout, man! Mother Nature knows what she’s doing when she designs these babies who are just masters in how to charm their mommies to oblivion. I wish I could get my reserved husband to show his love for me with half as much unrestrained physical affection as my littles do, but I’m afraid when these girls grow too big to fling and cling into my arms just because, that’s it for me.

Until grandkids!


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