Coffee. Salt. Oil. WiFi. My cheap morning hacks!

It is just so amazing to shake off the morning blahs that I have always woken up with and transform my night owl self into an almost morning person.

It’s not complicated. I brew coffee, put on my yoga via YouTube and sip coffee between vinyasas while littles watch and play next to me and then I take a super quick shower. I have a homemade concoction in there of coconut oil and salt, heavy on the salt, and I scrub from head to toe, stimulating my skin. Then I just need to rinse and put on bathrobe, no post shower lotion routine needed, the oil left behind after the rinse is perfect. Baby soft skin but not too oily when I get dressed five minutes later, and then I start my mom duties.

I try to squeeze in my toner, serum, sunscreen routine so I feel like my face is ready to go and if I feel fancy, I add a drop of Revlon skin lights highlighter into my sunscreen and put on mascara too.

I am so alive in the a.m. for the first time in my life, and it is awesome!!!


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