I’m officially in a long term relationship with Lesley Fightmaster 

I have been such a fickle little lady flitting around YouTube videos, sampling yoga classes from one or another instructor. 

Of course I checked out Tony Horton from my much enjoyed p90x3 of two years ago. He had a very simple, easy class of 20 minutes and I did it every day for January and February. But in March I switched to the far more charming (& yummy to look at) Tim Senesi and his channel.

But now I found Lesley Fightmaster https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEs9dX8UXFZpDzmM8UKQXWp6Ss0lkopIX and I’m in week 3 with her now and so far she is my goldilocks of yoga videos. Not too easy or repetitive, not too unbelievably difficult, great feelings after always. Perfect. 

Let’s see how she helps me get into shape in the next 75 days of her yogafix 90!

Here’s me looking slimmer than I really am(thank you, shaping camisole!) posing next to Lesley on my TV.

Let’s hope her next seventy days of the program help me to look as svelte without the shaping camisole on, and to get rid of my armpit fat and chubby cheeks not pictured. 🙂 I know 80% of weight loss is diet so I won’t blame Lesley if I don’t succeed in total physique reshaping in just two months or so, but it would be nice. 


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